It’s crack theory time.

  • So in the Prequel, they have a couple of shots focused on the security guard in the Oval Office. 
  • You never really see where he’s standing in relationship to the President.
  • And Nixon insists that there are no monsters in the Oval Office, which means he can’t see anything unless he looks behind him.
  • The monster at the end isn’t behind him, though, it’s next to him, and it’s wearing an outfit similar to the guard: dark suit & tie.
  • What I’m thinking is that the security guard is actually the monster/Silence we see at the end, and that one of the powers that the Silence has is the ability to project a different appearance, like the Calvierris or Prisoner Zero.
  • Either that or the Silence can inhabit different creatures temporarily, and the rest of the time it’s intangible.
  • Something like that.