tarddis replied to your post: hmm apparently i got a 31 on my practice ACT :( 

omg what I got a 31 on my actual ACT and it was the highest in my school??????? a 31 is really good?

oh man really? kids on my facebook feed are saying they have 33s and 34s weehhhh 

it was my math score that brought me down i think (i got a 28) but next year i’ll have done a bunch more math so it won’t be as hard


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  1. skyemadison said: also don’t worry i attend the 12th best university in the entire world (michigan) and i got a 29.
  2. meganmagnificent said: lolol this is why it’s good being Canadian we don’t have stupid tests like this :) yeah I know, pointless reply but I felt like it. I’m Canadian we have to say shit like this when people don’t expect it.
  3. menacherie said: wow, what sort of school do you GO to? a 36 is the HIGHEST you can get, so when people get anything like a 30 it’s considered super good?
  4. tarddis said: I don’t know anyone who got higher than a 33 ever and that was this really super smart girl in doctor who club at my college haha
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